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Obtaining a Residence Permit is an essential step to avoid Tax Inversion in your home country. Kosovo Invest can assist you in preparing all the necessary documentation which needs to be translated into Albanian language here in Kosovo. Embassy attestation is not necessary. 

The residence has the duration of one year and can be used as a legal evidence in your home country that you are no longer taxable under your jurisdiction. In most European countries, you will be considered a non-residence for taxation purpose if you spend less than 6 months in your home country. 

The living in costs in Kosovo are considerably less than many European capitals. For instance, a restaurant meal can be between EUR 2 to 4. Benefitting of a mild climate, enchanted mountain landscape and vibrant restaurants / bars, the capital Prishtina is less than two hours flight from most European cities. 

1. Business Registration Certificate 

2. Criminal Record Disclosure 

3. Bank Statement from a Kosovo Bank*

1. Business Certificate 

4. Medical Insurance 

5. Rental Contract 

6. Passport copy

7. Translations into Albanian

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Indulge in traditional dining with exciting 

regional dishes for just a few euros.



Explore ancient trails crossing lushing valleys and impervious peaks which offers a unique scenery in both summer and winter.



Discover the rich cultural heritage and local craft that makes of Kosovo an extraordinary place where east meets west. 

Kosovo invest


Learn the basics of Albanian language to 

exchange greetings and engage locals with a meaningful communication. 



Spash in crystal blue waters just a few hours away from the capital Prishtina. 

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